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      I am available to give you lessons in skiing from November 28 until May 5 th.

      Lessons are given in all weather conditions.

As far as I can I bring my video camera and I work with you the technical aspects while making you watch the video footage, so you can immediately see your silhouette and improve quickly. Of course I adapt the choice of tracks and terrain to your level of skiing. To choose your ski lesson I suggest you go to the page ski-lesson-time.

Do not overdo it the first two days because altitude requires more effort to your body.
For example you must drink a liter and half a day (water) and take a few energy bars in your pocket.
During your stay I highly recommend you choose a package with the option "carte neige" is your assurance on the ski slopes and you will avoid many papers to fill in case of accident.
I know many of you are assus by credit card but it causes long repayment periods and painstaking exchange of administrative papers. you can Follow my advice about Ski equipment to page security-gear.
Finally you can see my calendar reservation at the botom of the home page of this site.
many thanks i hope to see you on top of the world.

ski lessons rates   full day 380€  or 9 to 1 AM 260€ or 1 30 PM to 5 PM 190€.