An avalanche consists of different particles of snow. Those particles move underneath each body and push it to the surface by rotating until the avalanche slows down. This fact and the change of direction of the avalanche are the reason why approximately half of all avalanche victims end up on top of the avalanche. please read the http://www.abssystem.com/airbag

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I have several radios in the group that provides unparalleled comfort in communicating and understanding instructions. (Security)

During the session of skiing off-piste, I choose the route that corresponds to the level of the less experienced skier and I spend time doing education specific off-piste.

Some basic rules of skiing off-piste:


Forest does not stop the avalanche, it is more dangerous to be caught by an avalanche in the trees, because the obstacles are numerous.
The density of freshly fallen snow is highly variable. This variation depends on the type favored by the crystal temperature in the layer where the snow is formed, and the wind is a factor limiting their growth.
The statistics give an average of 110 kg per cubic meter, with a standard deviation of 40 kg which confirms the dispersed nature of this test,

So please pay attention to children who are very light.

Never ski the fall line marked a hollow that looks like your skis tips so concave, because the snow will accumulate with you in the hole, it is common to find people under several feet of snow. Make sure that the end of the slope finish in progressive replat. Do not ski together in many slope overload significant snowpack. Do not follow ski tracks if you do not know.
A transceiver does not allow you to breathe under the snow and an airbag is not always easy to open. If one group is against the bottom wait for it to go before skiing down the slope thank you.
For surfers do not think you will go faster than you escaped the avalanche, but the snowboard attached to your feet will take you down first and then it will be your head that will go down because the board is going to be part of the boat.
One always finds surfers head down. Be careful, because the snowpack is very different depending on the altitude and mass. Do not be stubborn on the slope that you absolutely do know change my mind, that m ' happens several times a day.

I wish you Good skiing.