Skiing off piste is to seek every day that the mountain is willing to give you

Every morning i watch the weather, winds, temperature, cloud cover and are evolution.
I chose one area and we go to the top to observe the situation of the day and only then I am able to find some nice slopes to ski.
this does not happen every day, unfortunately, because sometimes the wind has destroyed everything and it is very difficult to find good snow.

One who decided the day before or several days before the slope that he is going to ski is often disappointed .
So the off-piste skiing is practiced daily and with a bit of experience and observation the mountain tells us about and it is often very beautiful descents.

I am coaching in off-piste skiing at all levels, from beginner to the expert and i provide safety equipment.
I have several radios in the group which gives me an incomparable comfort in communication and understanding of instructions.
During the session of skiing off piste I chose the route that corresponds to the level of the lower skier and i spend half the time teaching technical skiing off piste.

Guiding and teaching is exciting and I am always available in a good mood and smile.